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Hands-on and focused – that’s more than just a slogan; it’s a real opportunity for the future! Before the Swiss Institute of Feed Technology (SFT) was founded in 1979, there was no opportunity to train as a manager of a compound feed plant and to learn how to handle and maintain it. But now it is no longer necessary for managers in this industry to laboriously gather their knowledge while also having avoidable negative experiences.

At the SFT, I learned the entire feed mill technology. Understanding how the machines work is one of the most important criteria when working in compound feed production. It is imperative to understand the interaction of mechanics, electrical engineering and controls in order to be able to optimize production system. I was also promoted to production manager soon after successfully completing the program. I can only recommend the SFT to everyone!

Lukas Stofer


The diploma course was a very challenging but also fulfilling experience. A wide perspective theoretical, technical and practical of the feed milling industry was given, helping to develop myself and taking my career as a veterinarian to a whole new level which I expect I can put in on the best use for the benefit of the society. My objective is to contribute with a better integration of the animal production systems in order to guarantee the animal welfare.

Mateo Rodriguez


My knowledge for the feed mill core processes went from 10% to 80% and I would feel confident to discuss with a customer certain processes of a feed mill.

Yves Senn


The Diploma Course was a very challenging and rewarding experience. Understanding the theory behind the processes and machinery working principles and being able to apply this knowledge in my company allowed me to develop professionally. One year after I graduated, I was given the opportunity to start the development of a Technology Department within the company.

Fábio Ferreira


An all-round successful course with deep insights into the future challenges of the feed industry. The field trip to a nearby feed mill, the hands-on training on the equipment at the GTC and the lecture on increasing efficiency in the feed mill were the highlights. Networking opportunities were added as a valuable bonus.

Ilya Paukolas


I really liked the practical focus of the course. Due to the small number of participants, individual needs were adressed very well.

Hansjörg Gruber







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Finally!!! The Diploma Course in English is back!!!

The preparatory course of the 39th diploma course for “Feed Production Engineer” will start already in December 2023.


The global feed industry currently has to cope with multiple challenges, of which rising production costs, animal diseases, and supply chain disruptions by geopolitical events are the most dominant ones. On the midterm horizon, climate change will darken the industry’s perspective even further. How can industry stakeholder navigate in such most turbulent times, secure profitability, and at the same time transfer the sector towards more sustainability?

Faces of the SFT – Interview with Philipp Hug

Since July 2022, Philipp Hug is the new president of the SFT. The family father has been working at Bühler AG for 22 years. He spent eleven of those years abroad: eight years in China and three years in Indonesia. Philipp completed his first apprenticeship as a truck mechanic, followed by training in marketing, sales…

SMS graduates will be a Feed Production Engineer

You are an SMS graduate and want to complete the advanced training as “Feed Production Engineer” with the SFT Diploma at reduced time and costs?

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Hands-on: Our diverse course portfolio, which is based on a proven concept, enables our course participants to put what they have just learned directly into practice.

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Focused: Our personalized seminars are tailored to you and your needs – we focus with you on a desired topic in order to meet the requirements of the constantly developing feed industry with its ever changing market trends.

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Also on your premises: Our extensive pool of trained and experienced instructors allows us the flexibility to conduct on-site consulting and in-house seminars.

Our courses at a glance

Course dates 2023 & 2024

Diploma course in feed milling technology

Diploma course (EN)
January – October 2024

January – March 2024  | June – September 2024

26.02. – 22.03.2024 | 09.09. – 04.10.2024

The Swiss Institute of Feed Technology offers high-level specialized training while minimizing the trainee‘s absence from his workplace. In a two times four-week intensive course, professional employees from the feed manufacturing industry and related industries receive the necessary training and continuing education. This practically oriented specialized training enables students to understand, to apply and to operate state-of-the-art production plants and processes. Experiments with or without material processing establish a direct link between theory and practice.

12 – 20 persons

German / English

Diploma course on feed manufacturing technology
[SMS goes SFT]

Diploma course for SMS graduates
June – October 2023

June – August 2023

18.09. – 13.10.2023

Aim of this advanced training is to provide graduates of the Swiss School of Milling SMS, in addition to their existing knowledge and experience, theoretical and practical expertise in feed technology and thus to expand their professional competence.

Due to the constant change and increased consolidation of feed mills, it is of particular importance to meet the increasingly higher demands regarding end product quality and variety as well as the ever more demanding market competition. The resulting changes in the production facilities require highly trained, flexible and broadly based professionals and managers in the field of process engineering.

As a result, graduates are in a position to take over management functions in various production areas due to their additionally acquired technological expertise in the field of feed milling. Furthermore, they benefit from scientific knowledge tailored to the activity in compound feed production.

12 – 20 persons

German / English

Introduction into Feed Milling Core Processes

January 2024 (DE)

The definitive dates will be published in September 2023.

April 2024 (EN)

The definitive dates will be published in September 2023.

Passing-on basic knowledge for the industrial manufacture of animal feeds, with emphasis on the core processes like Size reduction, Mixing, and Compacting. Understanding the various process sections and the working principles of the corresponding equipment.

12 – 20 persons

German / English / Spanish

Maschines and Process Technology
for the Feed milling Industry

06.11. – 17.11.2023 (EN)

May 2024 (DE)

The definitive dates will be published in September 2023.

Concentrating on the practical aspects of machines and process technology, with regard to productivity, plant accuracy, hygiene, quality and energy consumption. Understanding of the various process sections in a compound feed production plant.

8 – 12 persons

German / English

Pelleting in the Feed Milling Industry

23.10. – 26.10.2023 (EN)

Concentrating on the practical aspects of machine and process technology in order to improve the pellet quality and the specific power consumption.

Understanding the various Influences with regards to the behaviour in pelletability.

8 – 12 persons

German / English


27.11. – 29.11.2023 (EN)

Passing on of specialized knowledge related to state of the art process technology and developments in the Feed Milling Industry. Understand possibilities how to improve plant accuracy and profitability.

8 – 12 persons


Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance

28.08. – 01.09.2023 (EN)

Maintenance, repair and technical service are significant since they affect lifetime of milling machines and ensure them to work non-stop at desired levels. This course covers crucial mechanical and electrical maintenance aspects of machines and elements that can be found in a typical feed mill. Participants will be able to understand fundamental principles of maintaining key equipment and processes. Moreover, they will get familiar with maintenance software for grain processing plants.

8 – 12 persons


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