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NEWSReinhard Aurich looks back on an exciting course at the SFT

11. November 2020by Carla Heeb

What are the benefits of the course and to whom would he recommend it. Have a look!

Reinhard Aurich was a participant in the two-week Machines and Process Technology course in August 2020. We had the opportunity to talk to him about the benefits of the course and to whom he would recommend it.

Reinhard Aurich, Head of R&D Value Nutrition at Bühler AG, attended the two-week course on Machine and Process Technology for the Feed Milling Industry in August. “My expectations were absolutely fulfilled. Especially the discussed aspects of hygiene and possible contamination in a compound feed plant are relevant for my daily work in the product development at Bühler.”

In addition to the requirements due to his new position as Head of R&D, it was important for Reinhard to gain a good understanding of the process and to gain experience from other participants and lecturers. “In product development, it is essential to know the day-to-day operations of the company, so the combination of theoretical and practical instruction, including two factory tours, has been the success factor of the course”. The field trips to two modern feed mills helped the participants to experience the theoretical knowledge in practice.

The course was attended by nine participants from four different companies. This gave Reinhard the opportunity to talk to customers and to understand their requirements and problems in practice. “In addition to the informative and theoretical course materials, I also took many inputs with me that I want to integrate into the product development process in order to meet the needs of our customers better.

“I recommend this course not only to my employees, but also to other people who would like to understand the interrelationships in a compound feed plant better. This course in machine and process technology provides you with sound theoretical knowledge as well as practical aspects and tips which you can integrate into your daily work.”