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6. October 2020by Carla Heeb

We’ve decided to set up a series of online modules focusing on the core processes in feed milling. Have a look!

For many years the SFT has been the perfect platform for professionals from the feed milling industry to gain theoretical & practical experience in Feed Technology. With the COVID-19 related travel restrictions, it has become difficult to gather physically at our training center. However, since we all need to continue to learn, we’ve decided to set up a series of online modules focusing on the core processes in feed milling. And they will be accessible from the comfort of your home or your office, thus reducing travel on the one hand and increasing accessibility on the other hand.

Fundamental knowledge regarding the design of a feed process and its limits are the cornerstone for successful feed mill operations. For this reason, these online courses will emphasis not only on essential feed technology theory but also on identifying bottlenecks and troubleshooting. The maximum number of participants will be limited to 25 participants in order to guarantee an efficient knowledge exchange and to permit questions throughout the whole session.

Scheduled course dates:

06.11.2020 12:00am – 04:00pm (MEZ) Mixing and design of batch mixing plant

13.11.2020 12:00am – 04:00pm (MEZ) Size reduction

20.11.2020 12:00am – 04:00pm (MEZ) Hygienizing and pelleting

Participation Fee: CHF 200.00 per module

Program: Mixing and design of batch mixing plant

Friday, November 06, 2020

The session considers the steps involved in design of a new, existing or extension of a mixing line. The best practices and calculations to follow during the process are shown, reviewed and explained.

Batch Mixing Plant / Smallest permissible component
Dosing elements / Dosing algorithm
Mixing cycle / Structure & application
Practical examples
Performance calculations
Troubleshooting, Multi NIR-Inline System and KPI’s


Plant and Production Managers; active Operating Service and Maintenance Staff; Professionals with commercial or technical background in feed related industries

Please send your application to info@sft-uzwil.ch. We are looking forward to meeting you!